He Speaks

Well, Corbin finally called us tonight. Seems the Calling Card we purchased did not work. We’ll be visiting Wal-Mart on our way back from Camp Winston to get that fixed. Note to self: Try the card before giving it to Corbin.

One of the Counsellors – Alistair – was nice enough to let Corbin use his calling card. Thanks!

The conversation was classic Corbin.

Hi Corbin.

It’s expired.

What is expired?

It says it is expired.

What is?

The card.


Are you having fun?


Did you eat pizza?


Did you go on the ropes course?


You get the drift of the conversation.

Near the end, I was trying to get Corbin to be a little more emotional, and a little more wordy. He took that to mean that I was not understanding him: “Dad you know I have trouble talking sometimes”. “Yes, Corbin, except that I can’t see you to know that”.

And with a “I love you” and a “I miss you”, the phone call was over.

We return to our regularly scheduled programming.


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