The Boys Are Back In Town

Travelled to Brantford Friday afternoon to see our youngest, Jeremy. He was very excited and very happy to us again. It was nice to see that smile and get big hugs.

Jeremy showed us some of the things he collected/received during his two weeks at Babcia Camp. A fish stuffed animal from a claw game. A Nerf shooting game. And a few other things.

Saturday was the drive up to Camp Winston. The 403/407 combo was fine. The 400 not so much. All three lanes were filled with traffic all the way to Barrie. Hey, look, I’m doing 40 km/h on the 400. Hey, look there is a person doing 90 km/h in the middle lane causing the backup. Highway 11 was a little better.

Arrived at Camp Winston. It was sunny with clouds and it was cool. It is summer right? I almost ran over Corbin with the van. We collected his things and waited for lunch. After saying his goodbyes, it was time to leave Camp Winston.

The drive back on Highways 11 and 400 was okay until I saw a sign that said the Highway 407 West ramp was closed. Wonderful. If I knew that way back at Highway 9, I would have taken that road and worked my way over to Kitchener/Waterloo.

At the “401 5 km” sign, traffic was bumper to bumper and moving very slowly. At the 401 split, I found myself on the wrong side, so I headed to 401 East and eventually we made our way to Yorkdale. Good thing because the 401 westbound was a parking lot back to Yorkdale and I needed gas.

So we walked around Yorkdale, grabbed a bite to eat had a bathroom break or two. A quick stop at the Best Buy for some headphones and then the Shell gas station for gas and we were back on the 401 – which at this time was moving well.

Three or so hours later, we were in Windsor. A long day. It was nice to be back home


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