Toledo Zoo

It’s been about two or so months since we went to the Toledo Zoo. At the time, Nature’s Neighborhood was not finished. The boys have been wanting to visit Nature’s Neighborhood but with them going to camp at the beginning of July, we couldn’t find the time.

I had Friday off and the weather was perfect, so we headed out stopping for breakfast/lunch at Denny’s in Monroe.

Our first stop at the zoo was Nature’s Neighborhood. The boys had fun climbing the rock wall, playing in the tree house, the forest and home sweet home. Jeremy got to hold a Guinea Pig. The boys could have spent all day in Nature’s Neighborhood.

We grabbed some cold treats and Corbin made a schedule for us. We watched the monkeys chase each other. Jeremy looked at every fish tank in the aquarium. The penguins were out but not swimming. The polar bears were swimming and playing in the water – there were having way too much fun. One of the polar bears was doing back flips.

All of us had a great time at the Toledo Zoo. A good way to start a four-day weekend.


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