Rain? Humidity? Heat? Must Be Summer Finally

Saturday began with rain, as promised by the various weather experts. It rained from about 8 am to mid afternoon.

With Bev and Gerry coming for the weekend, I decided to tidy the garage so that one of the vehicles could be put inside to free up room on the driveway. It took about an hour, but the garage was tidied and swept. It needs a good cleaning though.

Tina had “fun” sitting in the rain watching Jeremy play soccer. No thunder means the game must go on. Jeremy commented to Tina about “it’s not right having five year-olds play soccer in the rain”.  I’m not sure what Tina’s answer was, but mine would have been “Suck it up”.

In the meantime, Bev & Gerry arrived for a visit. Jeremy and Tina arrived not too much later.

Jeremy was soaked. Tina took off his soccer uniform and wrapped him up in a blanket. Arriving home, he quickly ran to the bathroom for a ‘hot shower’.

Tina went out and grabbed a family fish deal from Pat & Hanks. Ten pieces of Cod, a bunch of fries, two coleslaws, lemon wedges, vinegar and tartar sauce for a grand total of $34 tax included. Not bad.

I was happy that it rained. The flowers (and flower beds) desperately needed it. I also wanted the ground to soften up so that I could dig some of the grass up to relocate the patio.

Sunday began with sun, humidity and heat. The AC rain most of the day. Even the breeze was hot. This was going to be an inside day.

Jerry left mid-morning.  Bev was spending the week with us.

I took Corbin to his soccer game. I was able to find a spot in the shade. Wasn’t too bad. Corbin played the entire game. He played forward, defence, and finally, goalie. He enjoyed himself and played a good game. He just needs to pay attention to where the ball is and keep up with his line mates. I took him to McDonald’s for a much-deserved lunch.

The rest of day was spent doing various things around the house. I did load after load after load of laundry. Tina cleaned up the kitchen and made fresh meatballs and played some games with the boys and her mom. The boys chilled out by playing on the computer and getting some time on the PS2.


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