No More Soccer For Corbin

Corbin has been suspended from the Windsor Soccer Club (WSC).

The decision to suspend Corbin was based on hearsay evidence via email to a friend of Corbin’s now former coach. The friend is the Secretary of the WSC. He forwarded the email to the President of the WSC, who decided unilaterally and without hearing from us, to suspend Corbin.

No formal protest or complaint was filed. No hearing of the Discipline Committee was held. We were never asked for our side of the story. The Constitution and Rules and Regulations of the Windsor Soccer Club have been completely ignored.

We have not been told how long the suspension is for or the nature of the allegations that lead to the suspension. We have asked the President to provide evidence that he has authority to suspend any member of the WSC without holding a hearing of the discipline committee. We have yet to be provided any of this information.

We are appealing this ‘decision’ if only for our voice to be finally heard.

If you have children who wish to play recreational or competitive soccer, we recommend that you avoid the Windsor Soccer Club.

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