Jeremy Scores A Goal

Unlike the game this past Saturday, the team was much more into the game.  They were running, they were kicking, they were attacking. Even Jeremy was showing more energy.

The team was down 3 – nil when Jeremy took the ball up the field and kicked in their first (and only) goal of the game. Jeremy raised his arms in the air and his Coach gave him a big high five. Jeremy gave me the thumbs up.

In another point of the game, the opposing team got the ball and were about to break away to the net. But Jeremy ran the player down and was able to kick the ball away from the opposing player just before they were to take a kick on the net. Good hussle.

Jeremy has three games this weekend at an annual tournament before calling it quits for the season. We have no idea if he wants to play soccer next season. If he does, it won’t be with the Windsor Soccer Club (see the previous post for the details).


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