September in Review

2009 September 29

Haven’t posted much. It’s been busy around the house, with the kids back to school and Tina back to work.

Corbin is in Grade 6 and Jeremy in Grade 1. So far so good. Corbin is coping, but Tina and I see that the school is returning to it’s old ways. So it will be time for a school meeting.

Jeremy has a love-hate relationship with school. He doesn’t like the full-day thing much as well the work thing. He likes that he has not one, but three recesses. He also likes that he gets to play in the ‘big’ yard where the monkey bars are.

Corbin extra-curricular activities include Scouts, gymnastics and karate. He may be taking a break with gymnastics – Tina plans on talking with his instructor about options. Corbin is getting back into the swing of things in karate and so far no issues with any of the other kids. Let’s hope he listens and practises so he can move up a belt.

Jeremy is also involved with Scouts as a Beaver and also gymnastics.

The whole “wearing glasses” thing has been a failure. The kid bends frames with ease. The lenses get covered in finger prints and who knows what else. Last week, he went to school with only one lens in his glasses. How is that possible? Everyone thought the lens was lost at school, but leave to Corbin to find the lens lying on the floor in Jeremy’s room (OCD has a few benefits). The frame is not broken, so we are not sure how the lens popped out.

Glasses for an active five year old are not a good idea. We have three frames in various bent positions. I’m thinking this is nothing more than a scam by eye doctors and eyeglass companies.

Yes, Tina is back at work. After a month of being a stay-at-home mom, she received an offer she could not refuse. It’s a four-month contract at Children First doing intake. It’s 25-hours per week which means that Tina is home to pick up the boys from school (aka “fun time”).

Myself, work is work. They posted two Planner III (aka “Senior Planner”) jobs (one for rezoning, another for subdivisions) and I applied for both. No word on when interviews will be held. Soon I hope.