Surviving Thanksgiving Weekend – Part 2

2009 October 12

So we headed up to Goderich for Thanksgiving Dinner with family. We took Tina’s van because Tina and I could listen to mp3s while the boys watched movies on their DVD players or played games on their Nintendo’s. A quick stop in Watford for a bathroom break and some munchies and we were back on the road.

We arrived at Chris and Lisa’s to a full house of family – like 58 people or so by the time we arrived. Woah.

Jeremy and Corbin proceeded to play with whomever they could. Jeremy loved the trampoline outside. While Corbin was looking to get in on some video game action, but that took a while. Corbin had his high-energy moments and needed some supervision.

Eventually it was time to eat. And there was lots to eat. Turkey. Ham. Potatoes. Stuffing. Three kinds of salads. Corn. Gravy. And a few more things I left out. In a few ours, there wasn’t too much left, save for some turkey, stuffing and salad.

Oh, and there was a table full of deserts. Lots of deserts.

The boys ate and went back to playing.

At some point, Tina and I, thought it was time for the boys to calm down and get ready for bed time. I hung out with Jeremy while he watched a movie. Then he started throwing up. Wonderful. Hey, that looks like a big chunk of ham. Jeremy didn’t so much eat his food. He swallowed it.

With Tina’s and Lisa’s help the sheets were changed and the clothes were in the washer. We put Jeremy in our bed to fall asleep. Moxie, Chris and Lisa’s dog wandered in and cuddled up to Jeremy. Eventually, he fell asleep.

The next morning, everyone seemed okay. Jeremy was in much better spirits. Teegan and her cousin Elizabeth, walked to Tim Hortons and got us coffees. We made some breakfast and hung out for a while.  We waited for Tina’s mom to come over since we were taking her to Windsor with us.

The drive back was uneventful. Drizzly at times. We stopped at a few places to do some geocaching, but Corbin and I were unsuccessful. Next time.

Surviving Thanksgiving Weekend – Part 1

2009 October 11

Back in June, I bought tickets to Bobby Vinton at Caesar’s Windsor as a birthday present for my Mom and Alex. At the time, I was unaware that the show was on the Saturday of Thanksgiving Weekend, when we were supposed be up Goderich. It wasn’t until September that Tina and I figured that out. Ooops.

We eventually figured something out. My mom and Alex would come Friday and leave Sunday and we would head up to Goderich on Sunday, returning to Windsor on Monday.

Not wanting to put us out, my Mom decided to stay at a local Howard Johnson hotel. They arrived mid-afternoon. A few hours later, they stopped by for a visit. We ordered Chinese food. My mom played with the boys while Alex read the Economist.

Saturday morning, with Tina’s help, I made scrambled eggs for breakfast for the adults. After breakfast, I took my Mom and Corbin out for some birthday shopping. We stopped by Walmart looking for a Star Wars Blaster Kit. They had none. Corbin wasn’t happy. During the search at Walmart I mentioned that we could go to Toys R Us or another store. Corbin wasn’t too impressed with that. It had to be at Walmart. Eventually, I was able to convince him to go to another store.

Sure enough, Toys R Us had exactly what Corbin was looking for. We picked up a few things for Jeremy and headed up to the New Balance store so I could get some new running shoes. I was in and out of New Balance in less than five minutes. That made Corbin happy. He wanted to play with his new toy.

We went to Casey’s for dinner. It was near my Mom’s hotel, making it easy for her and Alex to get ready for the Bobby Vinton show. The meal at Casey’s was excellent. Everyone liked their choice and we had a good time. My mom was worried about getting to the hotel from Casey’s, so I told her to follow me. One minute later, we were at the hotel. She laughed.

I picked them up about an hour before the show and drove down to Caesar’s Windsor. I gave my mom my cellphone number and told her to ask an employee to either call for her or point her to a courtesy phone. A few hours later, I got a phone call from a very helpful casino employee who directed to me a less congested place to pick up my Mom and Alex.

My mom couldn’t stop talking about the show on the way back to the hotel. She said the seats were excellent and the show was great. She mentioned that Alex had a great time and that she was glad that I got her tickets to the show. She then mentioned something about Bette Midler coming soon. I’ll take that as a hint.

Sunday morning was another breakfast at our house, and then play time with Babcia and the boys. When it was time to leave, my mom mentioned that interchange at County Road 46 is closed due to construction. Well, since we were heading up to Goderich, I said “Follow me to the 401”. And off we went. My mom made it to the 401. And the first part of our holiday weekend was over.

Avoid the Windsor Soccer Club

2009 October 7

Tina and I have decided to abandon our appeal of Corbin’s suspension by the Windsor Soccer Club. See No More Soccer For Corbin for the details.

It was becoming clearer by the day, that the WSC had no intention of taking this situation. When Corbin was suspended we were never told how long the suspension was for. Basic information, correct? I emailed the Mr. Docherty, President, many times and received no answer.

I questioned Mr. Docherty’s authority to unilaterally suspend a player asking him to cite the relevant sections in the WSC Constitution or WSC Rules and Regulations that granted such authority. Nothing.

One of the players verbally threatened Corbin and we never heard back from Mr. Docherty or other WSC Board members about our complaint.

With a suspension based on flimsy third-hand hearsay evidence and a president who has been stonewalling us from day one, how does one put up a defence? How do you provide evidence to counter the claim when the original ‘evidence’ was non-existent?

After withdrawing our appeal yesterday, Mr. Docherty had the gall to respond and state the WSC takes all appeals seriously. His lack of response over seven weeks says otherwise. But I didn’t lay the blame solely on him. The Board of the Windsor Soccer Club is just culpable.

I will be stringing the various emails we received and our response to them in the coming days and will post them for all to see.

In discussing Corbin’s suspension with people involved with the local soccer scene, it soon became clear that the Windsor Soccer Club is in disarray. Several board members resigned, not too impressed with the person in charge, Mr. Docherty.

Despite knowing that a municipal workers strike was imminent, WSC was left scrambling at the last minute for a place to play and practise. The season started late by about a month and didn’t finish until the end of August. The season usually ends at the end of June, beginning of July. Plenty of Jeremy’s games had no referee and the rules were changed after a few games.

So, if you are looking to sign up your child for soccer avoid the Windsor Soccer Club. They aren’t the only game in town. Check out the Essex County Soccer Association for more information.

And a big thanks for those who supported us and provided us with valuable feedback.