Surviving Thanksgiving Weekend – Part 1

Back in June, I bought tickets to Bobby Vinton at Caesar’s Windsor as a birthday present for my Mom and Alex. At the time, I was unaware that the show was on the Saturday of Thanksgiving Weekend, when we were supposed be up Goderich. It wasn’t until September that Tina and I figured that out. Ooops.

We eventually figured something out. My mom and Alex would come Friday and leave Sunday and we would head up to Goderich on Sunday, returning to Windsor on Monday.

Not wanting to put us out, my Mom decided to stay at a local Howard Johnson hotel. They arrived mid-afternoon. A few hours later, they stopped by for a visit. We ordered Chinese food. My mom played with the boys while Alex read the Economist.

Saturday morning, with Tina’s help, I made scrambled eggs for breakfast for the adults. After breakfast, I took my Mom and Corbin out for some birthday shopping. We stopped by Walmart looking for a Star Wars Blaster Kit. They had none. Corbin wasn’t happy. During the search at Walmart I mentioned that we could go to Toys R Us or another store. Corbin wasn’t too impressed with that. It had to be at Walmart. Eventually, I was able to convince him to go to another store.

Sure enough, Toys R Us had exactly what Corbin was looking for. We picked up a few things for Jeremy and headed up to the New Balance store so I could get some new running shoes. I was in and out of New Balance in less than five minutes. That made Corbin happy. He wanted to play with his new toy.

We went to Casey’s for dinner. It was near my Mom’s hotel, making it easy for her and Alex to get ready for the Bobby Vinton show. The meal at Casey’s was excellent. Everyone liked their choice and we had a good time. My mom was worried about getting to the hotel from Casey’s, so I told her to follow me. One minute later, we were at the hotel. She laughed.

I picked them up about an hour before the show and drove down to Caesar’s Windsor. I gave my mom my cellphone number and told her to ask an employee to either call for her or point her to a courtesy phone. A few hours later, I got a phone call from a very helpful casino employee who directed to me a less congested place to pick up my Mom and Alex.

My mom couldn’t stop talking about the show on the way back to the hotel. She said the seats were excellent and the show was great. She mentioned that Alex had a great time and that she was glad that I got her tickets to the show. She then mentioned something about Bette Midler coming soon. I’ll take that as a hint.

Sunday morning was another breakfast at our house, and then play time with Babcia and the boys. When it was time to leave, my mom mentioned that interchange at County Road 46 is closed due to construction. Well, since we were heading up to Goderich, I said “Follow me to the 401”. And off we went. My mom made it to the 401. And the first part of our holiday weekend was over.

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