Surviving Thanksgiving Weekend – Part 2

So we headed up to Goderich for Thanksgiving Dinner with family. We took Tina’s van because Tina and I could listen to mp3s while the boys watched movies on their DVD players or played games on their Nintendo’s. A quick stop in Watford for a bathroom break and some munchies and we were back on the road.

We arrived at Chris and Lisa’s to a full house of family – like 58 people or so by the time we arrived. Woah.

Jeremy and Corbin proceeded to play with whomever they could. Jeremy loved the trampoline outside. While Corbin was looking to get in on some video game action, but that took a while. Corbin had his high-energy moments and needed some supervision.

Eventually it was time to eat. And there was lots to eat. Turkey. Ham. Potatoes. Stuffing. Three kinds of salads. Corn. Gravy. And a few more things I left out. In a few ours, there wasn’t too much left, save for some turkey, stuffing and salad.

Oh, and there was a table full of deserts. Lots of deserts.

The boys ate and went back to playing.

At some point, Tina and I, thought it was time for the boys to calm down and get ready for bed time. I hung out with Jeremy while he watched a movie. Then he started throwing up. Wonderful. Hey, that looks like a big chunk of ham. Jeremy didn’t so much eat his food. He swallowed it.

With Tina’s and Lisa’s help the sheets were changed and the clothes were in the washer. We put Jeremy in our bed to fall asleep. Moxie, Chris and Lisa’s dog wandered in and cuddled up to Jeremy. Eventually, he fell asleep.

The next morning, everyone seemed okay. Jeremy was in much better spirits. Teegan and her cousin Elizabeth, walked to Tim Hortons and got us coffees. We made some breakfast and hung out for a while.  We waited for Tina’s mom to come over since we were taking her to Windsor with us.

The drive back was uneventful. Drizzly at times. We stopped at a few places to do some geocaching, but Corbin and I were unsuccessful. Next time.


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