Senior Planner

2009 November 1

Today was my first day as Senior Planner. Yes, I got a promotion at work. After 11 or so years of slogging it out, I’m at the “top”. Other than a one-time bump in my salary, nothing really changes – for the time being. The main task of the job will be processing rezoning applications but I still have to review Committee of Adjustment applications, Street & Alley Closing applications and other mundane tasks.

I have to finish a 6-month confirmation period. I kid you not. I thought I could get a credit for the past 10 years but no such luck. After the 6-months, hopefully the department will hire a Planner II (my old position) and I can off load Committee of Adjustment, sign by-law and maybe Street & Alley Closing to my replacement.

I have a 6-week Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) hearing beginning in January 2010. After that, I want to update our rezoning process including the application form. Neither have changed all that much over the past 10 years. I did manage to update the application forms from their “typewriter” look to a more modern feel, but they are lacking in terms of required information.

The rezoning process needs a complete overhaul including incorporation of the “is the application complete” stage that is kind an unknown for the time being. I also want to change how we put applications on the Planning Advisory Committee agenda. Currently, we place items on the agenda while they are circulating, meaning we don’t have comments from other departments and we don’t our position and recommendation. I’ll be suggesting an alternative that puts control back in the Planner preparing the report.