Whoa, it’s been a while

2009 December 13

To say that things have been crazy over the past five or so weeks is an understatement.

Between the kids extracurricular activities, work engagements, school meetings and getting ready for Christmas, neither Tina nor I have had the spare time to post something, anything.

So what has been happening in the Szymczak Family?

An overnight trip to Novi, Michigan for Tina and I. We stayed at a new Holiday Inn Express, enjoyed supper at Ruby Tuesday’s and did a bunch of shopping and browsing.

I took some much need time off work before Remembrance Day – six days total if you include the weekend. I was working my butt off preparing statements for an OMB motion hearing plus working on a bunch of rezoning files. I was a wee bit stressed.

On November 11th, Tina and I did our traditional ‘buy the Christmas and Birthday gifts trip to Toys R Us and other stores’. That day went extremely well.

Well, I celebrated my 42nd birthday. A quiet affair with my family who gave me a new house coat, a new tie and a charging pod for my Blackberry Tour. Very surprised by the house coat from Corbin, whom Tina tells me came up with the idea all on his own.

Tina has been busy with occasional evening work and school meetings, plus a trip or two to London.

The 10th of December was crazy. Jeremy and his Beaver troop went caroling at a local retirement home. Tina had parent-teacher interviews. Corbin stayed home with Chelsea. And I was at Planning Advisory Committee telling PAC members that, no, you can’t reconcile the fact that the zoning by-law requires a minimum lot width of 30 metres with the fact that the subject lot is only 20 metres wide.

Tina celebrated her birthday by doing no cooking that day. I brought her (and the boys) breakfast from McDonald’s (only the best for my wife). I had lunch with her at Dirty Jersey’s and then the four of us ended up at the Keg for supper. Original plans were to go to Casey’s however there was at 25 minute wait and apparently nowhere to sit. I suggested the Keg, but Tina wasn’t too interested. I said ‘lets try’.

Well, I pulled in and Tina went in and a party of four did not like their table and left while another group mixed up their Keg locations (we have two), so we were able to taken right away. How is that for an unplanned surprise?

Yesterday was a hectic day. The Christmas Tree was put upĀ  (took a whopping five minutes). Tina and Jeremy went grocery shopping while Corbin and I ran errands to Staples and Petsmart.

That leaves us at 11 days until Christmas Eve and 12 days til Christmas.