Welcome 2010

2010 January 28

Wow, it’s already 2010. Remember all the hoopla over the Y2K bug?

It’s been a few weeks since the last post.

Christmas came and went. I had two weeks off at Christmas, while Tina worked before Christmas. No injuries or hospital visits. It was hit and miss this year with the boys, especially Jeremy. We used bags instead of wrapping, dramatically reducing the amount of waste.

I bought new rear surround speakers, a woofer and a washer & dryer online at during the Future Shop Boxing Day sale. Unfortunately, Future Shop did not have the pedestals in stock, so I bought those online at The Brick.

Travelled to Brantford for a few days. The boys were spoiled while Tina and I were able to get out of the house with no kids for a few hours. My mom gave us a ton of food to bring back – Thanks Mom.

I finally used my snow thrower. Clearing the sidewalk was never so simple. More snow please.

We celebrated Jeremy’s sixth birthday. Hard to believe the boy is six. We had cake, opened some presents and just relaxed.

I took the day off before the delivery of the new washer and dryer and moved the old washer and dryer up to the garage (with Tina’s help) and cleaned out the laundry room. In the evening I picked up the pedestals at The Brick store. That was close.

On the 9th of January, the new washer and dryer were delivered. I purchased an LG WM2901HVA washer and an LG DLEX2901V Dryer, both in Graphite. The delivery guys set them up on the pedestals, connected the hoses and plugged the units in. There was a problem with the cold water valve being open. After a hot cycle, the valve became unstuck and I have had no problems since that day.

The boys are back in school. Jeremy has progressed well. His printing and comprehension are improving. Corbin has hit a wall in terms of his Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) interfering with his day-to-day function. We are trying a new medication and also have a new doctor working with Corbin to work through the OCD.

Jeremy is still in gymnastics – the boy can do a mean cart-wheel – and Beavers. He also started karate classes. Corbin is going to karate classes twice a week. Tina and I will be keeping an eye on the boys to make sure that they aren’t trying their karate moves on each other.

Two weeks ago, Jeremy had a small birthday party with five of his closest friends. There was a cake in the shape of a puck, a bunch of hockey related games and a 60 minute free-for-all hockey game in our basement. Corbin and I went to see Avatar during the party and Corbin loved the movie. The visuals were stunning but the story was ordinary.

Life in a nutshell.