Spring In The Air?

Today, Tina barbecued some steak on, well, the barbecue. I think it’s the earliest we have ever barbecued. Despite being 10-years old, the Broil King barbecue started on the first push. The old lady needs a new burner and a new ignition this year and some TLC here and there, but I’m in no rush to replace her completely. She has served us well and I have other projects I need to spend money on.

While Tina was heating up the BBQ, I noticed that a few bulbs are poking through the ground and that few perennials are starting to green up. I really need to plant a bunch of new bulbs in the fall to give the flowerbeds some early season life and colour.

Most of the snow has melted though there are still some good piles where the shade is. Some rain later this week may melt them away. I’m thinking that the snowblower may be heading for storage – though I did notice some oil on the floor, so I may be taking it to the shop for some warranty work (probably take my lawnmower and my rototiller in for annual servicing at the same time).

Need the rain to wash some of the salt and dirt off the driveway and sidewalks. The garage needs a good cleaning. I need to sell the old washer and dryer and a few other things in the house. Put the money towards paying off the last bit of the roof.

The back steps need to be replaced. The concrete is falling apart. Not sure if I should replace it completely, or tear it down and replace it with wood or composite decking and steps (we want to make the landing bigger since current practice is to stand one step down to open the rear door). A few posts in the fence need replacing. So there are a few outside projects that I’ll have to call the experts in. The rest, I’ll do myself.

More thoughts in the coming weeks.

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