Hot Hot Summer

2010 August 31


That describes August in one word.

I think I cut the grass once in August. Maybe twice. The grass simply decided to turn brown and not grow. The weeds chose to grow

I didn’t pay much attention to the lawn since I would be replacing it in the near future once the concrete work and fence repairs are done. Yes, back in June I finally got around to booking some much need concrete work (back porch, new patio and a new play pad for the boys) and booking some fence repair work (three new posts and other repairs). Both were supposed to come in August, but never did. Welcome to the wonderful world of contractors.

Tina hired a young man to remove all the patio slabs and edging in our yard. The job was done in a couple of hours and the young man took most of the slabs with him. Money well spent.

I booked the second last week in August as vacation. Needed a break from work and wanted to take the boys to the CNE again. I ordered our tickets through Air Miles – might as well do something with those points. Like last year, we took the GO Train into the Ex. We met Tina’s friend, Angela, at the gates and proceeded to spend a long day at the CNE.

Food. Rides. Food. Rides. Food. And more rides. We stayed until the early evening to give the boys a glimpse of the Ex at night time. They loved it. We had no major problems. This year we also made it to the marketplace. Jeremy bought some bongo drums made in Cuba and Corbin bought a ‘Love’ Stone. I got my Tiny Tom donuts and Tina had her Pogo Stick (and also got to play Rollerball – winning two prizes).

There were some other day and weekend trips here and there, including a shopping day in Detroit (Denny’s, IKEA, Target and Ruby Tuesday’s). It was just too hot to spend any decent time outside. We ran the sprinkler a few times to cool the boys off, but even they didn’t much appreciate the heat.

Let’s hope September is wee bit cooler.

August Already?

2010 August 1

The summer is flying by. The weather has been hot and humid for much of July.

Camp Winston went well for Corbin. He became part of the maintenance crew – partly because maintenance crew gets to take their shirt off. He had an amazing time and the staff had no issues. The downside was that Corbin came back with only one of seven shirts. Aye carumba. That explained by Corbin’s bag felt lighter (despite the additional junk he brought back). A few other things did not make it back including a flashlight, a pair of water shoes and a brand new pair of rain boots. It’s something we will have to mention to the staff next year.

After Camp Winston, we headed for a week long vacation at a cottage on Lake Simcoe (near Hawkstone, about 5 minutes south of Orillia). Corbin spent a complete 24 hours with us after being picked up Camp Winston and before heading back to CPRI in London.

Before the cottage, Tina and I headed to the Air Canada Centre (aka ACC) in Toronto to see Rush on the Time Machine Tour. I was able to find a parking lot across from the ACC. We walked over to the Keg only to learn that it had moved around the corner. Things are constantly changing in Toronto. Had a great supper at the Keg. Every one else in our room was also attending the concert. The area around Union Station was busy for a Saturday afternoon.

Walked back to the ACC and hung out the main entrance. It rained lightly once, but we were able to get underneath a canopy. Then the doors opened. You could cut the excitement with a knife.

After showing our tickets to several staff, we eventually made it down to the front row. Yup. Front row on Geddy’s side. Those are the seat my wonderful wife got for us. Of course, we wouldn’t be sitting in them during the concert.

The lights went down and we walked up to the barrier. 3 hours later (including a 30 minute intermission) the show was over. It was amazing. Geddy was no more than 10 feet away from us. We could see Alex on the other side of the stage and watch Neil pound away on his drum kit.

Jeremy spent a week at Babcia camp before succumbing to homesickness. Tina picked him up. My mom tried to bribe him, but he would have none of it. So we were childless for only a week. Oh well, Jeremy being back home actually helped us the following weekend with travelling to Brantford, Toronto, Camp Winston, Cottage, London, back to Cottage.

The rest of July went by quickly. Too quickly.