12 Years Old

Corbin is officially one year away from becoming a teenager. Aye carumba.

The festivities began with a surprise party on Friday night – the party was literally put together in front of Corbin’s eyes.

While Tina was decorating the room and the cake, a friend from school and another friend from the neighbourhood came over. Also visiting was Corbin’s respite worker and the two boys of close friends of ours. Lots of people and no clue as to what was going on.

Finally, he clued in. Tina lit the birthday cake and we sang happy birthday followed by presents. Then it was onto Family Fun Centre for two rounds of Laser Tag. Corbin was in seventh heaven. He loved his surprise party.

The next day Corbin did the traditional dance to Captain Zoom birthday song. He had birthday cake for breakfast (as did Jeremy) and opened presents from Jeremy and us. He loved it all. Another respite worker came over and she had presents for him.

All in all it was great birthday weekend.

Happy 12th Birthday Corbin.

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