In The Bin It Went

Early this summer, our detached garage was visited by a family of mice.  I set up some traps and caught a whole bunch the first week. A few stragglers remained. Seems they made a home in the insulation. Great, need to remove the insulation.

An aside. Who insulates only the walls of an insulated garage? There is no ceiling in the garage so it’s not like you could keep the garage warm in the winter. When we bought the house, the previous owner blocked up the two roof vents and all the soffits. The place literally was an oven in the summer. It’s obvious that they used the garage during the cool months, but blocking up all the venting probably took 10 years off the shingles.

Our summers are hot and humid and I didn’t feel like working in that oven, so I put off pulling out the insulation and all the crap that had been accumulating in the garage.

Tina ordered a 20-foot bin which arrived Thursday. When I arrived home from work, Tina and the boys had thrown in a bunch of stuff that was sitting at the side of the house since the beginning of the the summer. It was a good start.

Over the next few days we filled the bin up. I pulled out the insulation and the plastic vapour barrier. Jeremy was eager to help and even Tina and Corbin put in some time. With the insulation done, I proceeded to throw out a bunch of stuff in the garage that we longer needed or used. I had the boys gather any broken concrete or other material from around the yard.

In the bin it went.

Then we hit the crawl space. Everyone pulled out stuff and carried it up the stairs and outside. Tina started grabbing things as she walked around the house.

In the bin it went.

By Sunday, Tina and I were looking for anything to throw out. It was liberating. All my old music cassette tapes. Gone. Tape deck. VCR. Turntable. Old speakers. Gone. Textbooks. Gone. Old toys. Gone. Gone. Gone.

In the bin it went.

With the throwing out phase done, I had to clean up and put the garage back together. After a gruelling afternoon and evening it was done. Clean. Tidy. Organized. I spray foamed some gaps in the window and door frames and some possible mouse entry points. Much of the stuff in the garage was put into two large rough totes. I’ll go through them during the winter and spring. Who knows, I may have more stuff to throw out.

Prologue: In the end, we threw out 1.04 tons of, well, crap. And we haven’t seen a single mouse in the garage ever since.


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