A Huge Update

2011 April 4

Is a lack of updates a good thing, a bad thing or an indifferent thing?

The Szymczak family has been busy over the past three and a half months.

Corbin is in a much better place compared to a year ago. He is doing well at School, expanding his time there from 45 minutes to well over two hours each morning. We were a little skeptical when part of the morning would include French. Fortunately, the French teacher is a past teacher of Corbin’s and they have been able to figure out a way for Corbin to be successful.

Scouts has been sporadic but Corbin still tries to attend each meeting. He is back into organized soccer via a league for children with special needs. Currently they are practising indoors and the competitive season will begin later this spring.

Easter is usually a rough time for Corbin and he has been exhibiting some signs of difficulty. With some help from our support workers, we are slowly making it through this period. One exceptional difference from a year ago, is that Corbin and Jeremy have been playing together much better and for longer periods. There still is the odd OCD moment where Corbin insists that Jeremy play with him, but for the most part they are working things out.

Jeremy is, well, Jeremy. For his seventh birthday, Tina booked a couple lanes at a local bowling alley. Pizza, pop and bowling. The kids had a great time. We were grateful for the gift cards and money that J received – we already have enough toys.

Jeremy is transitioning from Beavers to Cubs and if he can attend three Cubs meetings, he will be promoted to Cub at the season-end overnight camp (hopefully a tornado won’t hit Leamington this time).

He is into skateboarding and cycling – he does need a bigger bike. His little 12-inch bike is a wee bit too small. Jeremy continues to play his Nintendo DS and he has become an Angry Birds expert on the iPad.

For Christmas, we travelled to Brantford to spend time with my mom. We also travelled to London to spend a day with Tina’s family. Other than the $800 repair to my van, Christmas was very relaxing.

We finally got a big flat screen TV for the basement – replacing the old 32-inch tube we had. I picked up a 320GB PS3 with three games and one blu-ray movie at Best Buy. We also upgraded to an HD PVR via Cogeco. The old SD digital box is in our bedroom.

Tina is doing some part-time contract work with Windsor-Essex Family Network and continues to manage all the support workers, Maryvale, CPRI and other agencies and professional for Corbin.

I’ve been busy on a long-term project – new Zoning By-law – and updating all our applications forms and processes. At home, I’ve been busy playing PS3 and watching movies on the new TV 😉