Mid Summer Musings

2011 August 1

Summer is flying by. It’s August already.  After a wet spring (who knew Windsor can get that much rain?), it has been a good summer.

We signed up Jeremy for soccer and the first quarter of the season was a dud due to all the rain. At one point, three games in a row were cancelled. Now, over a 20-game or so season, that’s not a big deal, but Jeremy was going to miss a bunch of games because of camp and cottage. He managed to get a few games in before heading to Camp Winston for his first camp experience.

He missed the last week and a half of school – he didn’t seem to mind that. Once we arrived at Camp Winston, Jeremy was off with one or two of the counsellors. Tina waited in line at the office to complete paperwork and submit Jeremy’s meds (all one of them). I went over to J’s cabin in the Jean Lodge. It was located right between the Nature Shack and a temporary zoo (After picking up Jeremy, he did mention that some of the animals were noisy and would wake him up in the morning. Ha ha ha).

Jeremy had a great time at camp. He did everything. Ropes course? Check. Kayaking and canoeing? Check. He definitely wants to go back.

Corbin’s camp session was after Jeremy’s, so it was a crazy weekend of packing, unpacking and so forth. Corbin was on the maintenance crew again and loved being at camp.

We booked two weeks at the “cottage”. It was an wonderful two weeks of clean air, happy kids and relaxed parents. Adam’s mom also enjoyed the fresh air and warm sun. We did a few day trips including Sainte-Marie among the Hurons in Midland, the Emlvale Jungle Zoo, the Big Chute Marine Railway, bowling and shopping in Barrie and shopping in downtown Orillia. We had most of our meals at the cottage including home-made pizza twice. We managed to squeeze in a fire before a fire ban was issued (it rained only once and that was in the early morning hours – the weather couldn’t have been better).

Corbin is participating in a soccer league for kids with autism – Special Stars. The league had indoor practices during the winter and early spring. Outdoor games began in June and are played Sunday evenings. The games are about 30 to 40 minutes long with plenty of breaks. Corbin loved it. He thrived and had lot’s of fun playing. He is thinking about playing  next year.

Around the house, the fence guys finally showed up – a year later – and replaced some posts and top boards. I had to get one section completely replaced due to tree roots. It was nice to get that out the way. We bought a small outdoor coffee table from Canadian Tire and added an umbrella that my mom game us. It’s a nice setup and provides just enough shade on the patio.

I finally relocated the computer of Jeremy’s room into the living room. That included relocating the printer as well. The ‘move’ went well and the computer is up and running. Now we just need to move the desk out of there and the rest of the ‘office’ stuff. Slow but steady.

Tina has been busy organizing services and activities for Corbin. We recently changed service providers and feel we are in a much better place in terms of support for Corbin, especially as he heads into his teen and early-adult years. Our primary support worker also feels better about the transition.

Tina also planned an awesome weekend getaway at the Retro Suites Hotel in Chatham, Ontario to celebrate our wedding anniversary. She rocks!