Canada Revenue Agency – Ongoing Saga

I collected all the information and faxed it to the Winnipeg Tax Centre on May 4. Not seeing a refund in my bank account or a letter from CRA, I called the Winnipeg Tax Centre and confirmed that they received the additional information. The polite lady said yes, they received the additional information, that it was under review and that I should hear back shortly.

Three weeks after submitting the additional information and one week after talking to a human at CRA, there is no refund or letter. Nothing.

It makes no sense.

Two (child care expenses and medical expenses) of the four requests for additional information regarding the “Disability Amount Transferred From a Dependent” have absolutely nothing to do with the Disability Amount. If I didn’t claim any child care or medical expenses, the Disability Amount Transferred would remain the same. Sounds like  a fishing expedition to me.

In fact, I didn’t claim the child care expenses. Per CRA rules, the spouse with the lower income claims them. In my case, my wife is the spouse with the lower income, so she claimed child care expense on her return. And CRA already issued her refund and notice of assessment.

So I sit and wait.


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